Drip System Irrigation

Drip System Irrigation

I use drip system irrigation in part of my garden. Not the entire garden…. yet. I keep adding more and more each year though. For a climate like ours with very little rain, a drip irrigation system is perfect. I use a black drip line pipe. But I leave out the the fiddly little adaptors and drippers.

We tried for a long time to use those little drippers but they would almost instantly clog up with the dirty water that we have.

(we are on a well system for our irrigation needs) We tried using screens on the hoses to screen out the dirt before it gets to the drippers ,and the screens would be plugged in a few hours. Just not gonna work. We finally came up with just poking holes….. that’s it. Just poke holes where needed. Ah… so much better.

Rick Stone of Stoney Acres uses a very similar method to mine, however he uses pvc pipe. Same concept a little bit different supplies. Either way works great.

Rick asked if I would like to review his course – Build a PVC Drip Irrigation System. Since I’m in the middle of planting season and am working on my own drip lines I figured that would be great! Maybe I’ll get some new ideas.

I watched his PVC Drip System Irrigation Course the other night to see if it would be something I’d like to share with you. Yes. Ricks course is a great basic how to course on setting up a system for your garden.

Build a PVC Drip System Irrigation course review

Learn how to build your own PVC drip system. Stoney Acres PVC Video Course is on sale now for only $10. Buy it now!

For a preview and full description you can click through right here…. and read more about it.

I watched this and got a few good tips myself. 🙂 Here are my thoughts.

This is a great course for beginners. Rick assumes you do not know anything and explains it all clearly and patiently. If you have any questions he is available to answer them. And he comes across as a really nice guy who really wants you to succeed. He shares down to earth tips and no fuss solutions.

If you are an old hand at irrigation and have worked with pvc pipe in your garden before, this might not be for you. But if you are just starting out and have no idea where to start or even what questions to ask. This course should answer any questions you may have and get you started in the right direction. Rick show you how simple it can be and how to get started.

I love that a drip system like this is not dependent on fancy expensive parts. Pipe and pieces can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. No pumps needed. Nothing more expensive or elaborate than 10 foot pieces of pipe and a variety of fittings. Mostly T’s and elbows.

PVC pipe laid out over the ground in the garden.

This course covers the basics like what sizes of pipes to use for different types of garden beds, pipe connections, how to lay things out for different crops, and adjusting the system after it is placed.

We all make changes in the garden, the way Rick suggests setting this up is adaptable. By using T’s, elbows and varying sizes of pipes you adapt and change things according to your gardens set up. Reminds me of kids’ K-nex toys. Since it is a low pressure system the pieces are not glued and can be moved around. Did you read that? No glue!

This is a take apart and redo system. There is only one time you might want to glue things together. If you want an optional main line. Rick explains all that quite clearly in the videos.

Learn about getting water to your system using your automatic sprinkler system, attaching hoses, or a mainline system that connects each individual bed. (I take the easy route and just hook hoses up to the sections of my drip lines.)

Onions growing in between rows of drip irrigation PVC pipe.
Tall corn stalks with drip irrigation watering them from the ground.

After showing how to set up drip system irrigation and giving helpful tips, Rick takes you out to his garden and shows his own set up. Yours may look different because your garden won’t have the same size beds. But the course shows you how to build it for your needs.

For someone just setting up a garden and wondering the easiest way to keep water flowing to the plants, this course is a great way to figure out what might work.

I told Rick “Yes! I like this course and will share with my crowd.”

Rick Stone smiling at the camera.
Say Hi Rick!

To purchase or read more about the class click here….

I highly recommend a drip irrigation system, and if you want help getting started, I highly recommend this course.

Build a PVC Drip System Irrigation Course

I was given this course free for review purposes. These are also affiliate links. Rest assured if I did not like Rick’s course, I would have politely declined to do the review.

Rick does a great job and explains so well anyone can do it. Remember use the links above and you will get a discounted rate.

Learn how to build your own PVC drip system. Stoney Acres PVC Video Course is on sale now for only $10. Buy it now!

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