Homemade recipes and cooking from scratch. Keeping it simple!

Cooking can get complicated.  Let’s keep it simple with these homemade recipes.

Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe 

Oven roasted with sausage and an Italian style sauce. A homemade leftover inspired stuffed acorn squash recipe. Roasted and stuffed with sausage and an Italian style sauce.

How to cook acorn squash recipe.

Healthy, simple recipe.  No fuss baked method, and optional slow cooker method.   The hardest part is learning how to cut up the acorn squash!

BBQ Beef ribs recipe made easy in the slow cooker.   

Using boneless today but this works bone in too.  This beef ribs recipe gives you a fall-off the bone tender meat dish.  Combine that with the ease of the slow cooker and it is a winner in my book.  Because remember… it doesn’t have to be hard! 

Creamy Apple Butternut Squash Soup recipe.

Smooth creamy recipe makes a great dinner.  Combine a little squash and apple, add some spices and a bit of cream.  Yum this simple homemade recipe came together with ingredients I had on hand.  

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