Never Buy Bread Again

My friend Laurie at Common Sense Homesteading sent me one of her bread books to review

I already make some of our bread, and I STILL learned some new things and found some new recipes to try.

Thumbs up on this one!

Book cover Never Buy Bread Again

Never Buy Bread Again by Laurie Neverman.

Things I love about Never Buy Bread Again

Spiral Bound option is available. That almost needs no explanation right?!? This book lies flat on the counter when you need it to lie flat. If you are like me you love a spiral-bound book.

This bread book starts out with a troubleshooting section. Many problems have solutions and Laurie covers them all.

This discusses tools and equipment, types of yeast, and temperatures, and then describes specific characteristics. Bread turns out like a brick?…. check out pg 11. The dough looks good but the bread flops in the oven?…. check out pg 13.

I was particularly interested in the sourdough bread section. Laurie gives directions on how to create your own sourdough starter and a basic bread recipe to use with it.

High Altitude was another section that was pertinent to me. I never knew that it is a good idea to shorten my rise time. High altitude can cause bread to fall quicker.

Recipes include many many different types of bread. From Beer Bread to Sandwich Bread, to french toast, cornbread, and more. Popovers, Crackers, Kolache (I’d never even heard of Kolache… it is a Czech word for cookie!)

She also includes Freezing and Storage Tips for Baked Bread.

I would highly recommend this for anyone new to bread baking as a confidence-building book that will get you started.

Click here to read more at Common Sense Homesteading Never Buy Bread Again

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